July 18, 2017

On this week’s episode Richard Dickerson joins us to provide his concerns on the proposed Southtown Redevelopment and its impact on Southtown residents.  Darrell O’Quinn shares insightful information on the Birmingham Citizen’s Advisory Board and how citizens can get involved. Our final guest voice, Johnny Thornton, shares the positive impact that mentoring has on our youth. He summarizes the “Get On The Bus” mentoring tour experience sponsored by Wood Joy #752.



June 27, 2017
On this week’s episode Richard Rice of The Rice Firm, LLC shares his story of the early stages of his law career and its constant evolvement to meet the needs of the community. Avee-Ashanti Shabazz shares his perspective on the first mayoral candidates forum sponsored by The Grassroots Coalition. He also provides details on the impact of the Birmingham Violence Reduction Initiative on the communities of Birmingham.

FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Conrad Thompson Interview

May 19, 2017

Conrad Thompson is a highly recognized name in wrestling entertainment today, due to his work on two of the biggest podcasts going right now, Something To Wrestle With & What Happened When. Teaming with wrestling figures Bruce Prichard (a.k.a. Brother Love) and long-time WCW commentator Tony Schiavone, Conrad has created a new style of podcasting that's getting everybody's attention, while bringing back memories of the golden age of wrestling. In this show, we get into how the podcasts started, how he balances a traditional career with his podcast work, and how his relationship with the legendary Ric Flair has grown into something he never could have imagined. So if you're a wrestling fan this episode is for you, but if you want to hear how you turn hobby into a money-maker this one is definitely for you.



May 4, 2017
On this week’s episode, Jennifer Calhoun speaks on the violence against women epidemic taking place, and why area women need to know how to appropriately defend themselves when necessary. Tim Sanford chimes in on his service in the community through a local masonic lodge. Lastly, Randall Woodfin returns to the podcast to share his plan for Revitalizing Birmingham’s neighborhoods. He also provides listeners with an update on his campaign for Mayor. Tune in...stay connected!

FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Shon Coleman Interview

May 4, 2017

In honor of the recent 2017 NFL Draft, we throw back to a FREELUNCH/D1 SPORTSTALK interview with Cleveland Brown's offensive tackle Shon Coleman. Prior to Shon's freshman year at Auburn University, he was diagnosed with leukemia, but was able to beat the disease and make his way back onto field, eventually becoming a 2016 draft pick of the Cleveland Browns organization. In this show, Shon reflects on his life's journey, competing against this year's #1 pick, Myles Garrett, and his preparation for the draft.


FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Obasi Okeke Interview

April 27, 2017

Experiencing the ups and downs as a teacher in the 21st century, Obasi Okeke has decided to put a specialized spin on the educational process of America's youth. Spending over 10 years in the classroom in Baltimore, Maryland, he admits to getting frustrated with the politics and red tape that continually hinder the learning process for kids coming from disenfranchised communities. As a way to combat the frustration, Obasi founded ELEVENOHSIX a revolutionary approach to educating children by providing "uniquely tailored individual and small group tutoring for students, and expert instructional coaching for teachers, schools, and the community partners that serve them". In this episode, the guys get into how Baltimore children were impacted by the murder of Freddie Gray, preparing for school choice, and how ELEVENOHSIX stands to change education forever.



FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Dr. Kent Smith Jr. Interview

April 20, 2017

The internet went crazy over the HBCU presidents' recent meeting with Donald Trump at the White House. Dr. Kent Smith Jr., the 16th President of Langston University (Oklahoma) was there, and in ths episode he speaks on what the visit to D.C. meant to him. He also talks about his journey to becoming President at the most westward HBCU in America and how Langston University has evolved since it's 2005 appearance on BET's College Hill.


FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Kevin Loder Interview

April 13, 2017

A star at Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL just a few years after the Governor of Alabama, George Wallace declared that no Black student would ever attend the University of Alabama, Kevin Loder led the ASU Hornets to one of the best seasons in school history, and went on to become a 1st Round pick in the 1981 NBA Draft. In this episode, Kevin sits in with Tight and BG to reflect on early battles against Earvin "Magic" Johnson in Michigan, transitioning to life in the Deep South as a college student, and life after basketball.



April 11, 2017
Dejuan Hall joyfully shares about his passion for barbering and explains it's correlation to community through service groups as The Willing Family. The Willing Family upcoming events are also highlighted. Gerren Whitlock also chimes in on his passion. Gerren serves the community through various mediums and in his career as an independent insurance broker. Our listening audience will want to listen to find out how an insurance broker may benefit their home financially.


April 10, 2017

BG and Simone have talked about it for weeks, and now you can hear it for yourself. Live from the SXSW Podcast Stage, the duo joined by Tight from the FreeLunch Podcast bring some of that Southern-fried funk to Austin, TX. In this episode, the squad talks travel bans, maternity pictures, Donald Trump loving Russia, and Get Out the movie.