FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Conrad Thompson Interview

May 19, 2017

Conrad Thompson is a highly recognized name in wrestling entertainment today, due to his work on two of the biggest podcasts going right now, Something To Wrestle With & What Happened When. Teaming with wrestling figures Bruce Prichard (a.k.a. Brother Love) and long-time WCW commentator Tony Schiavone, Conrad has created a new style of podcasting that's getting everybody's attention, while bringing back memories of the golden age of wrestling. In this show, we get into how the podcasts started, how he balances a traditional career with his podcast work, and how his relationship with the legendary Ric Flair has grown into something he never could have imagined. So if you're a wrestling fan this episode is for you, but if you want to hear how you turn hobby into a money-maker this one is definitely for you.


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