August 18, 2017

Can't make something great again, that wasn't great to begin with. 

This week's episode covers Charlottesville, VA mayhem, Marshawn Lynch and Michael Bennett join NFL national anthem protest, and Kim Kardashian roasted by followers for defense of known racist makeup artist.

Insecure Moment of the Week: Threesomes look good in fantasies, but they're a lot of work in real life.


FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Tremele Perry Interview

August 17, 2017

In this episode, Attorney Tremele Perry shares the journey from growing up in a rural Alabama town to establishing his own law firm. Coming out of an area notorious for poverty, crime, and low educational achievement, obstacles were stacked against him. But his desire to find something better, and help from special people in the community allowed him to see it through. Though there was a time when many probably counted him out, his testimony now serves as an inspirational force for others.



August 15, 2017

This episode is dedicated to Birmingham mayoral candidate Randall Woodfin.  Tune in to hear our interview with Randall from February, March & August 2017.  We discuss creating an inclusive Birmingham, supporting minority and women owned businesses and even the Ban the Box initiative.  If you want to know who Randall is and how he ended up in the race to become Birmingham’s next mayor, this episode is for you! Birmingham, remember to vote on Tuesday August 22. This episode has been sponsored by The Grassroots Coalition – Birmingham.



August 12, 2017

Simone & BG recap the week. Simone sees Dave Chappelle in NYC. Ray Lewis criticizes Kaepernick protest. North Korea ready to bang on the U.S.?

Insecure Moment of the Week: Exploring the Ho Phase

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FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Randall Woodfin Interview

August 10, 2017

In this episode, the guys welcome 2017 Birmingham Mayoral candidate Randall Woodfin. As one of 12 contenders, the Birmingham, AL native has run a well-oiled campaign to the tune of more than $200,000 in small donor contributions, and a growing excitement among Birmingham citizens from all backgrounds. With the "Woodfin Plan", Randall lays out how he looks to bring progress to Birmingham in the form of greater emphasis on community safety, education and employment opportunities for young people, and widespread economic development for the entire city. In addition, he gives insight on what led his decision to come home and take a shot at being Mayor.



August 4, 2017

BG and Simone recap the week which includes, Lil Duval's Breakfast Club comments on transgenderism, Amber Rose's claim of being the baddest Bi*ch to come out of Philly, and Gilbert Arenas going in on Lupita Nyong'o's skin color, again.

Insecure Moment of the Week: Why the rebound after a break-up is risky af.


FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Dee-1 Interview

August 3, 2017

First he paid "Sallie Mae Back", and now "He Ain't Got No Car Note"! A college graduate, turned teacher, turned hip-hop artist, Dee-1 is using his lyrical gifts to teach and inspire people just like he did in the classroom. Under the MISSION VISION banner, the New Orleans native, Dee-1 is the voice for the underdog and aims to be real, righteous, relevant at all times.



July 28, 2017

The wait is over,  Simone and BG are back, and this time could be DANGEROUS! This week offers 21 Savage with Amber Rose, Usher in deep water over Herpes cases, and simply R. Kelly. The duo also recap to episode 1 of HBO's Insecure. #teamIssa, #teamlawrence


FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Jemele Hill Interview

July 27, 2017

This week the spotlight is on ESPN's Jemele Hill. As kid in Detroit, Jemele endured through both parents' battle with substance addiction, and found a love for sports and writing. Now, as a host on The Six, ESPN's 6pm Sportscenter slot, she teams with Michael Smith to bring a new level of flavor to the world of sports entertainment. In this episode, she speaks about how her dream for journalism was sparked by reading a neighbor's newspapers, why she is not afraid to bomb on Twitter trolls, and her predictions on what will happen to the Cleveland Cavaliers.


FREELUNCH PODCAST: The Brittany Wagner Interview

July 20, 2017

The breakout star from the Netflix original series, Last Chance U, Brittany Wagner has earned the respect of millions across the world for her dedication to East Mississippi Community College. As an Academic Counselor for one of the top junior college football programs in the country, Brittany displays the instincts of a mother and life coach which makes her a major support for the young men trying to navigate through the daily grind of being a student-athlete.  Brittany drops by to talk about the 2nd season of the show, which debuts on July 21st, but also gives details on the launch of a personal endeavor in 2017.